August 27, 2014

Split, oh Split, you're beautiful (from a distance)

( Do click to enlarge )

Split, beautiful Split, visited by so many tourists every summer.
They fill the centre, the Riva, Diocletian's Palace, and all those tiny streets, but do they see Split's true beauty ?

Licking ice creams, eating pizza, drinking wine, taking pictures,
but do they really feel what Split is about.

I think just óne person, óne photographer saw Split at it's very best.
From Marijan, from a distance, and right on time !
As there and than Split showed its amazing beauty.
As Split in summer is nice, but it's much nicer, as you can see,
after a moment of rain.
And off season, there is more rain, so there are more perfect moments to see Split like on this picture.
And even much nicer Split is from a distance, from Split's green zone, 
that pine tree covered hill next to the town called Marijan. 

Lidija Lolic, one of the very best photographers in Split,
she knows her stuff, her moment, her art,
went to the very best location to take this picture.

Couple of days ago, a rain front was passing, with loads of rain, 
a burst of violent wind, and thunderstorms hitting the mountains around Split with impressive flashes.

And Lidija, clever Lidija, must have thought "Marijan !!!!!".
As that was, as you can see, the ultimate location to take
the ultimate picture of Split.
Bravo Lidija.

Living in our tiny village, well hidden from the crowds,
I love to go to Split, but óff season (if there is an óff season),
as than all Split is all mine (and yours).

As Lidija is a pro, all her work is protected, and not to be copied, shared or used without her permission.
Therefore I asked her if I could use it on my blog, so you could see Split the way she sees it, being the way I love to see it 
(....from a distance).
Need a true photographer, for whatever project, 
no doubt she delivers the very best result.
While you, I and most others, well uh....just take pictures, 
here's the link to her various work: