September 10, 2014

Zrmanje River Canyon and Knin's Krčić waterfall

(Do click to enlarge).

Recently drove to the Zrmanje River Canyon 
with a couple of best friends.
Normally I don't drive that far (three hours) from home, with plenty of stunning nature around us.
But this area was on my bucket list for a while, so.....
So we had a fantastic day in a totally different area.
And if you think you've seen it all, forget it !
I am even thinking to go back,
however than it would be wise to stay for a couple of days.

On our way home from the Zrmanje we went through Knin, 
and again I was amazed by the diversity of our part of Croatia.
I would have never found this spot, if my friends had not guided us.
Was it worth it, well uh......HELL YES.
Krcic is about 20 meters high and in winter a great place for those who want to practice some ice climbing.

I tried to film it as good as possible, 
but it's impossible to put on video what we saw, felt, and heard. 
The power of the water falling down was simply immense !
Just in front of it is a wooden bridge, where a storm of wind and spray felt like standing behind a jet getting ready to fly of.
Nature, impressive Croatian nature !!!

Click on the video I uploaded to Youtube:

Zrmanje River Canyon is worth to be on your list, 
and so is this waterfall in Knin.
My advise to you for the waterfall: 
better hurry to experience it, because HEP, 
the Croatian Electricity Company seems to have some bád plans with it !

And my advise to them: 
DÓN'T even THINK of it !!!!