September 18, 2014

if visiting Split, than álso Solin !

(Picture and video found on TotalSplit)

Visiting Split, that's a must for most visitors of Dalmatia.
And right they are !

In fact, our part of Croatia is blessed with three historic places.
Of course the old Venetian town of Dubrovnik is numero uno, 
but Split (ánd Trogir) get their portion of visitors too.
And again, right they are.

I will not get into all the details and highlights, with ever increasing numbers of visitors it's pretty clear these towns are "must visit"
évery loooong Dalmatian summer.

But many people visiting Split forget to visit Salona (today's Solin)
and in my opinion that's a mistake.
Click on the link and you'll understand why.

Salona was highly important in Roman days, as the centre of the East Roman Empire, múch more important than Split.
It had all a big city needed for it's 50.000 + inhabitants.
The remains can be seen on each and every spot, so to understand it's importance ánd the very reason why Diocletian's Split was built, you simple cán't do Split without Solin.

In a recent page on TotalSplit was an item about a new video of Solin.
And apart from two aspects is worth seeing.
It's in Croatian, don't know why if they want to attract tourists from all over the globe, and nr.2 is the music in it.
But that, says the U2-fan, is my personal opinion.

Apart from those two flaws, the video is absolutely great !
So click on the blue link above, and prepare for next holidays.

And of course, copy the link of TotalSplit to your computer.
It is no doubt a great promotion of Split, initiated and maintainted by an Englishman living on the island of Hvar.
But that's typical british, they only feel happy on an island :-) 

We prefer our hidden valley behind Omis, quietly in the middle of nature, and close to either Adriatic Sea, Split ánd Salona, and all of it without having to wait for a ferry:

Svinisce-Cetina River: 5 minutes
Svinisce-Omis: 10 minutes
Svinisce-Adriatic Coast: 12 minutes
Svinisce-Split: 30 minutes
Svinisce-Solin: 33 minutes
Svinisce-Trogir: 45 minutes
Svinisce-Dubrovnik: 180 minutes.

Just kidding Paul (the Englishman on Hvar), 
but we do not have to wait for a ferry, nor fly, nor swim, but yeah, we're Dutch :-)