August 15, 2014

is it a seagull, no it's an airplane !

Some things take a while in Croatia.
Some things even longer than necessary.
And some things even last decades.

But here they are, after móre than tén years of fighting bureaucracy in Croatia. 
The first plane of European Coastal Airlines has arrived in Split.
Congratulations, to both Dalmatia ánd the ECA-team.

I sometimes wonder why so little investors choose to start up a business in Dalmatia, 
with it's high unemployment rates, low wages and great potential.
Well, it seems old (socialist/communist) habits still rule.

Come on Croatia, member of the European Union, on a blessed logistic position, 
capable to serve as the main entrance to the entire Balkan (ánd Southern Europe).

Let's compare Split to Rotterdam for a moment.
Ok, you may say, there are some "minor" differences.
Well than, let me answer than: THINK BIG !!!
Rotterdam once started small, but clever politicians and inventive entrepreneurs máde it BIG.

Croatia, nowadays with excellent highways, many deep water ports like Split and Rijeka,
could and should take those paper walls down, obstructing so many initiatives.
Many great initiatives die out, sighing "problem, problem, problem".

My immediate answer (being a Dutchman) is: "than solve those problems".
In other words, I LOVE PROBLEMS !!!
Problems make me find solutions, always a learning process, result guaranteed.

Anyway, if it wasn't for those persistent people of ECA, you would still be waiting in cue at Jadrolinija,
to hop over to one of the hundreds of lovely islands.
Not anymore, hell nó.

As ECA is going to fly you over in no time, and even than their one way ticket is less than hundred kunas, which is 15 EURO's !!!! (depending of course on the destination).
Cheaper still is swimming from Split to let's say Hvar or Dubrovnik,
but times change, flying goes faster, and no cues involved.
And being the lazy bugger I turned out to be,
it's more comfortable, and your feet stay dry :-)

Éven when they land on water.
And that's a thing even a seagull cant say (if it could talk).

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