August 23, 2014

happiness is not for sale

Happiness is not for sale, at least not in most supermarkets.
Happiness grows in small gardens like mine.

Does that mean I am a true gardener, to be honest: not really :-)
But if you're not afraid of some (not even much) work,
putting seeds in the ground is véry rewarding.

Last year I was in Holland for a short while,
as we still have some things to take care of over there.
I keep those visits as shórt as possible,
as Holland is history, Svinisce our today and tomorrow.
To say it in other words, here I am happy, véry happy,
and there.............

Anyway, here in our hidden valley, the soil is very fertile and the climate extremely nice for some home grown vegetable experiments.
So, as I had to fill the gap between flying in and back, I visited a shop with thousands (!) of vegetable-, flower-and herb-seeds, so I spent a couple of hours in pure delight, emptying my wallet.

The result of all those different seeds can be seen on this picture,
and since you can just look at it,
I better explain to you the taste of it.
Yellow olive shaped tomatoes: sweet and mild,
red cherry tomatoes: sweet and juicy,
chocolate coloured smaller peppers (paprikas): extremely tasteful, firm structure, and mildly spicy.
And those two varieties of basil of six different sorts I grow:
an explosion of taste one can only experience when picked straight from the plant.

To make my point: GROW YOUR OWN !!!!!!
Even if you only have a balcony, or just a tiny garden, dó it !!!!
The result is simply great, and very rewarding.

And on top of that, since you (or I) are no professionals,
so if something fails, who cares.
We don't have contracts, do we, which force us to produce a lot and just in time, all of it perfectly shaped, and perfectly "healthy".
And...... "perfectly" withóut the taste you'll experience
once you start to harvest your very own results.
 As that is pure happiness, pure delight.

I don't like to use pesticides, fertilizers, or any other artificial stuff.
Some plants need some manure or humus, that's all.
And of course some water if necessary and not even much. 
I can take the risk of some failures, and in the end I knów I can safely put it my mouth, straight from the plant.
Picked at the bést moment (and nót before), 
lovingly selected to become a nice dish.
Tasty, colourful, healthy and proudly shared with good friends.
With of course a glass of good local wine*).
*) Wine making is not my thing, that's for the true pro's here.
And we've got a lot of them, thank heaven.