July 10, 2014

dive, dive, dive !

(Picture "stolen" from the internet).

Many if not most people visit Dalmatia because a swim in the Adriatic is great, after a bit of sun tanning.
And many if not all of them do not know what's below the surface.
Well than, let me share a recent story in the Dalmatian newspaper called Slobodna Dalmacija.

As this newspaper published about some stunning results from underwater archaeology, done in the neighbourhood of Zadar.

Here a team of professional archaeologists did an underwater survey, which evidence based showed the remains of ancient people,
dating back 3000 years, if not more.
And the results are breathtaking 
(which might be a problem for scuba divers :-).

  Not being an archaeologist myself, nor a diver, I truly was thrilled, also because an internet friend of me, called Alan Mandic, offered private funding and whatever extra help was needed.
Bravo Alan, you're the best !!!

Why am I so exited about it all, my answer is pretty simple:
ja volim Dalmacija (I love Dalmatia), with all it already has to offer, and all that is still unknown to so many visitors.
Much of it still hidden under soil or water, much however clearly visible, touchable to those who go a bit further than an obligate
fish pick nick or a (pleasant) boat trip up and down the Cetina river.

Oh boy, there is só much more to experience trúe Dalmatia. 
I (retired Dutchman living here now) simply need two lives (if not more) to get a proper view of all those amazing things around us.
As through history each and every occupant (or long stay visitor) left less or more traces, as this territory always was highly attractive, because of its climate, soil, and all it still offers today.
Fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, olives and grapes, a most attractive coastline, and áll that lies behind it.

Already wrote many little stories on my blog (check those pages), trying to convince you why I call this a God given paradise.

Anyway, if interested in all Dalmatia has to offer, beyónd the average offer, contact Alan Mandic and his team at Secret Dalmatia.com ,
as it's his pride and joy to reveal our secrets.
(No, don't ask me, I am retired, with zéro obligations).

And bare in mind, part of the money he charges you, he voluntarily donates to reveal some of all our hidden treasures.
As that's a job for other professionals, with or without compressed air.

If interested in underwater archaeology, check: http://icua.hr/en to dive into the Adriatic a bit deeper.
And if a landlubber like me, contact people like Alan, as he can guide you to many hidden secrets, in or out of the water.

Read the complete fantastic story Alan wrote at: secretdalmatia.wordpress .
It's worth leaving this page :-)