August 05, 2006

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A simple title: "".
Is it just a simple title ?
No, it's not !!!

It's all about our life in a  (if not THE) móst beautiful tiny village called Svinisce, or, to be more precise, the part called Modris.

We believe (no better say: we are damned sure) that thís is thé móst beautiful place to live.
If you don't believe me, better drive from Omis to Kucice, and take the very first road on your right, up the mountain after you passed the restaurant called Kastil Slanica.

Already driving up this narrow road you'll experience a couple of amazing panoramas.
See for instance a tiny village called Podaspilje on your left, and just before that, the truly amazing view deep into Dalmatia, and even Bosnia-Herzegovina (yes you can see that too).

Drive on, it's straight on, up and down and up again, with pine trees on your left and olives and grapes on your right.

Than, after crossing a small bridge, you'll see a blue sign telling you've reached Modris.
Turn right, slightly up and down again, under shady trees, and into the open again.
Carefull, as this is a small road, where passing is a matter of polite driving.

Now you're in Modris, part of Svinisce.
And also now you'd better look over your left shoulder, and you'll discover why we settled here.
You'll see the very same panorama, and even much more of it.

This is our village, this is what we see and feel each and every Godgiven day.
Get out, and walk a bit, as you'll experience another thing that makes this place so very special:
A thing that has never been heard by many people nowadays, simple, but special silence.

Ok, you can drive on, till you reached the Catholic church in what used to be the very centre of Svinisce, and drive down again, back to Omis.

But if I were you, I wouldn't, I would stop the car, and take a walk, leading you all around our village, it's other hidden valleys, and variety of impressions.
Again, the silence, fresh, clean air, smells of herbs and pines, perhaps even a fresh fig from a tree, or a simple (hands and feet) chat with a friendly inhabitant.
Do not feel shocked or surprised when immediately you are invited to a drink, as that's the way things go here.

When at any moment returning to Omis, follow the road I described you to drive up, now however driving down, as a again you'll be amazed by the variety of panoramas.

Yes, Svinisce is perfect, no less.

we have talked about creating a swimmingpool or a jacuzzi, but concluded that would be rather silly, as by car it's five (!!) minutes down to the Cetina River, and another five or six to the Adriatic Coast, each of them better than any pool or tub or whatever water filled bucket.