December 22, 2012

you ain't seen nothing yet !!!!

I challenge you to tell me where this is !

If you (think you) have an answer, see header of this blog to mail me and I'll take you there, organize you a pick-nick, drinks included, overlooking this place ánd the lake.
(So if the sun heats you up, you can cool down either drinking a cool wine or take a swim in a pristine lake).

Once more we went for a trip into the unknown, and discovered the surroundings of this place, got stuck in thick mud with the car.
 (Stupid us !!!!), but found most friendly people with a strong tractor,
and made friends with them afterwords.

For more than three hours we were struggling to get out, trying each and every trick in the book, and a couple new ones, covering ourselves and the car from tip to toe with "healthy" mud.
But all's well that ends well, the place, the lake, the nature, the people and our afternoon are fantastic.
Pay for the great help, forget it, have a drink and celebrate friendship !

No, I will not tell you the name of the place nor the name of the lake yet, but if you draw a circle of let's say 40 kilometers around Svinisce, looking towards Imotski, you may discover what we've discovered.
(And the more clever ones will discover the location as well, as it's on the map).

And once more, there is a lot to discover in Dalmatia, much more than "just" a beautiful coastline !
If no answers show up, next time I'll share this fantastic place with you.

In the meantime, have a wonderful time, and use the beginning of 2013 to plan your trip.
Dalmatia is waiting to make you fall in love !

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