January 18, 2013

every day a great day, with such a panorama

Waking up this morning, this was our panorama.
On the high slopes of Mosor Mountains, it snows, so it's cold up there !
Snow came down between 1000 and 1400 meters (the very top there), and stayed most of the day.

Biokovo Mountains is a different story.
There the highest peak is at about 1800 meters (called Sv. Jure), and there it was snowing heavily, close to two meters thick, and that's a lot !

Those guys on Biokovo who work in shifts taking care of all communications here, where supposed to change with their colleagues, but it seems they have to wait a bit till heavy machines clear the road up the mountain.
I would say: helicopter !!!!, a lot quicker, cheaper and a whole lot easier.

Snow conditions like this are not uncommon on Biokovo, which makes it very attractive to go there those days.
Just have to wait a bit, for less "polar"conditions, but for sure gonna go there soon, as these are the cherries on the cake that make living here so very (damned) special.

As in about half an hour it's "let's go", a road trip to Makarska, up the mountain road into the National Park Biokovo, and with some luck we just might see (traces of) wolves.
Or boars, bears, chamois.........
And after that magnificent walk in the deep snow of winter wonder land, a hot espresso and some delicious cake at the sunny boulevard of Makarska's seaside will complete another afternoon in paradise.

With of course a good meal in the evening, perhaps even some roast lamb from the grill in our garden house (with some good local red wine).

Life sucks..........but not for us !!!
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