October 28, 2014

start dreaming (of your next vacation)

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As you (may or should) know, I like to share my favourite hidden secrets.
So here's another one.

If you are staying between let's say Makarska and Omis, somewhere in the middle is the road to Zadvardje/Sestanovac.
This road is easy to find, so no need to explain in details.

When driving up, take the véry first road to the left towards Slime.
Now, slowly please, as you have to "discover" the very first narrow road to the left.
Found it, great !

Now slowly drive up this road, and up, and up you go.
Already you'll see some places to stop your car on the left, so stop and enjoy the panorama on your left.
But you can continue this road, so up again, and up, up, up.
Slowly, as some corners are narrow,
filled with plants overhanging the sides.
If you drive in the middle, nothing will harm your vehicle, if driving a motor no worries at all, and if you're afraid of the paint of your car, well, than continue walking.
Not a bad idea at all, as every step is a great one.

At some point you'll reach the spot where I go many times (by car, ha ha ha), at a corner where there is enough space to park.
Stop here, even when the road still goes up, as higher up the view does not get better.

This is my ultimate spot, this is where you can enjoy the móst stunning view, and this is, especially later in the afternoon, where you can sit down and experience how Biokovo (the big one on the left)
slowly changes colour.

Oh, and before I forget it, take some nice food and a bottle of good wine with you, as you'll feel on top of the world,
with no urge to go back down.

Smell the herbs around you, get impressed by the immense mountain, enjoy the weird rock formations around you.
You might even fantasize an Indian is observing you from behind one of the stones above you.

Crazy idea ?
Not really, as it were these sceneries where the films about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand were filmed.

Amazing Dalmatia, always amazing.
Especially where you don't expect it to be.

Enjoy the scene, and keep it clean please, for me and others to follow.

Zadvardje has a nice farmers market on Tuesdays.
So if you want to buy a cow or a pig to take home.................
But that's worth another story.