August 10, 2008

why, where and how (take a tour to know)

The reason I create this weblog is in the first place to enjoy this part of Croatia.
For you as a visitor as well as for me, as selecting pictures and adding text is great fun for me to.

Also I like to show a bit of all the beauty of this pure country at the Adriatic, not in the first place for showing all the hundreds of points of interest every tourist is coming for from all over the world.

Sure, Split, Dubrovnic, Trogir and many more cities are absolutely worth the trip, and you will spend many hours if not days visiting them.

And YES, the Adriatic Sea, its coastal beauty, the hundreds of islands, the warm clear blue water, and not to forget the superfresh fish to be enjoyed in so many little restaurants are a delight waiting for you.

But please do take time to discover the land behind the coastal mountains, for instance our little valley just ten minutes behind the coast.

To give you an idea of why, where and how we fell in love with this part of Croatia, take a look at "our private parts" in our webalbum about how we discovered our small place Svinisce to be an absolute paradise to spend our time.

From the very first moment on, it was clear to me that I wanted to get settled there, at least semi permanent, if not permanent, as the quality and ritm of life there are the very best.

Do click on the next line, and enjoy the pictures (subtext in Dutch).

Hope to see you there once.