August 28, 2008

crossing borders brings new views

Once in Croatia, to be precise in Dalmatia, everybody runs for the coast, the beaches and the old cities like Split, Trogir and Dubrovnic.

Not even such a bad idea, as the Adriatic is fantastic, the climate superb and very much to do or not to do staying along the coastal area.

But it would be no less than a missed chance, as just behind the coastal mountains lies a completely different world, much more authentic than any regular excursion can show you.
Nevertheless its highly recommended to take a trip, even its to those wellknown places where all excursions go.
Be sure you'll have a great day visiting Solin, Sinj or Knin, but it might be crowded with groups like yours.

Now lets have a look over the border, as that brings you a totally new view, for instance in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Kravice waterfalls direction Mostar are just an exmaple.

My last trip from Dalmatia into Bosnia Herzegovina took me to Travnik, highly interesting as it is, however you will see memories of the liberationwar.

What realy hit me however was the totally different landscape, almost (or exactly) like Switserland or Austria.
Green valleys, snowtopped mountains, smaller and bigger rivers where man were fishing trout, and sheep alover the country, filling up for rostil (grill).

I was passing through near Blidinje, a stunning landscape with a completely different climate,with a giant lake surrouded by high mountainpeaks, to my delight snowheaded in may (and ski area in winter), and I decided to go back there as its less than a hundred kilometers away from Omis at the coast.

What's more, I started to check the internet in advance, and discovered a real mountain tourguide, perfectly equiped with knowledge and experience, and that will be my man to learn from, cause BIH (bosnia & herzegovina) might not be the type of mountains to go in to without any experience or local knowledge.

So Friket, don't be surprised if I ask you to be my guide in that marvelous country, and I truly hope you show many people like me what a Godgiven beautyfull country your living in as our neighbour.

And in case your like me, do enjoy the Croatian coast, but don't forget to visit the neighbours, as than you'll have two countries in one holiday, and believe me for once: YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

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