December 26, 2008

Dutch wishes !

Hello dear visitor of my weblog.
Most of the time I write about Croatia, and don't be afraid, that will continue to be my first goal.

However, in these dark decemberdays of spiritual reflections, waiting for the new year to start it allover again, a bit of fun might help.
So to you anglo-americans I say sorry for the inconvenience of having to read and understand a Dutch joke, but to my fellow countrymen I say "geintje, moet kunnen".

Soon I will add some of my regular exiting pictures and stories about the good life in Croatia, for now its "we're closed till january".

Have your best and most reflective Christmas ever, and start the Newyear not only with best wishes, but GOALS to realise.
It's not enough to say "yes we can", it's time to say "yes, we will" !!!
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