April 06, 2009

even on a cloudy day

However not the sunny view most people know the Adriatic of, this cloudy scenery is also great, at least in my opinion.
If you do not agree, let me know in the section called "leave me a note" on the right side below the weatherforecast.

April just started, so spring slowly arrives, as did the birds, and in a couple of weeks it will be the Mediterranian at its very best, with loads of flowers.

March gave lots of strong winds (bura as well as jugo), loads of rain, even some snow on "our" Mosor Mountains.
Sure we had a couple of superdays too, with gentle weather, strong sunshine and no wind at all.
Using those better days I "discovered" some great spots in nature, even swam in a mountainriver (by accident), found some amazing places you will see when you visit, and did a short tour by car in half a day bringing me from palmtrees to snow and back.

Plans are going as expected, so at the end of this year this will be the superview from our new house to be built.
Can't wait to see clouds like these from that place, even on a cold day after the winterseason.
Be our guest if you like views like this, but give us some time to accomodate.
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