February 24, 2009

somewhere between Sestanovac and Zagvozd

Do enlarge this picture (by clicking on it), its a nice one.

Was my previous item about Carnival in the Netherlands, this one brings you (and me) back to the silent beauty of a thousand spots in Croatia.

Driving from Sestanovac to Zagvozd at the nothern slopes of Biokovo National Park, this is the silent scenery you'll see in wintertime.
(From Omis to Makarska, between the two up the mountains at the left, heading for Zadvarje; you can't miss it).

With a couple of evergreen trees and the rest in wintercolours, a little rock apeared on my left with on top of it a little white churchtower between the permanent green of cipres trees.

And with those gentle clouds against a blue sky, this my favourite picture at the moment (screen on my Dutch pc).

With all the noise around me during carnival (see item below), this brings me into a relaxed state of mind.
In a couple of weeks I am (we are) back in Croatia, and although its still winter overthere too, I am sure that spring comes sooner there than it does in our northern hemisphere.
And spring in Croatia is abolutely THE most beautifull season to visit Croatia.

Everywhere you will discover exiting flowers, and not one of them at a time, but thousands, covering meadows and slopes, at the banks of rivers and ponds, between rocks and bolders, sending their message to you.
Colourfull and full of those typical mediterranean smells of thyme, sage and all those others.

Sit back, its still a bit early, but if you can efford, go for The Croatian Spring !!!
(cheaper than cheap flights: http://www.germanwings.com/).

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