February 22, 2009

the story to the picture above

Sorry, but this aint my sharpest picture.

Using a Canon Powershot G3, which I am happy with in general, this is just a bit to much for that little digital camera.

One of those days I was driving round a bit, and found a small but excellent road heading up the mountainside from Slime, between us and the sea.

Told it before, between us and the Adriatic is a mountainridge, called Omiska Dinara, which is about 600 meters high.
(And that's the perfect barrier between our supersilent valley and the crowded coast in summer).

Driving up, direction Konoba Tadici, I reached a marvelous panoramic view at about 400 meters high, overlooking Croatia till the Bosnian border, and as you can see deep into Bosnia's snowy mountains.

Surrounded by impressive rocky slopes from higher above, deep down at my feet I had a marvelous view over it all, with several snowcovered big mountains, among which "my" Blidinje National Park in Bosnia.
Like I said before, where in close reach (max. two hours drives) of everything I like, with our own Biokovo, Mosor, the Adriatic, the Cetina-river and so much more.

Back to the story behind the view:
Here, at this Konoba Tadici, newly built with lots of space for larger groups of visiting tourists and a wide terrace to sit down in amazement, there are a couple of things that make a visit worth a lot more than "just" this view.

Mr. Tadic is the owner of a lot of traditional old stone houses, one filled with hundreds of those airdried "prsut" the superior tasty "prosiutto" the Croats are famous for.
Next stone house is filled with another couple of hundred "pig bottoms", hanging from the ceiling another year till they are perfect.
In another house (and there are many more) a large fireplace waits for peka dishes to be stuffed and roasted under hot burning coal, and to safe you from death by distant delight, I will only tell there is still another house, with a line up of grills, ready for a group of lambs to be grilled for the hungry.
Not to mention there's a lot more, with more stone houses, terraces filled with grapes, small meadows, and to much to tell in this little blog of mine.

Believe me, this is another "hotspot" for lazy moments, overlooking it all at a late afternoon, when the sun coloures all that beauty.
And before that moment, I am absolutely gonna walk all hikes going up, between and down all slopes, cliffs and forest hidden secrets.
What a beauty, and how happy the man (me), sitting there with wife and friends, enjoying a meal at that place, till late in the evening.
Can't wait to make it happen, do you ?
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