February 21, 2009

no fire, just sun

view in the late afternoon over the landscape nearby.

Not the only moment we are delighted by what we see here, as from the early morning till late in the afternoon we have our lucky views.
Even on rainy days, which we had a "few", when clouds take away the peak of our mountain Mosor.
As even than "something" happens all the time, worth to enjoy sitting outside silently.
Unless its raining cats and dogs, but even than its enjoyable, from the inside looking out of course !

The change of light, colours and shades over our mountain, clearly in sight at one moment and masked with white clouds rising from the Cetina river gorge deep out of sight at another moment, its the best theatre to watch at any moment of the day and night.

The players in this never ending play (if we see them) are smaller and bigger birds, far away or a bit closer but never really close.
Some even do not even show, but prove their role in the whole by "singing" from a hidden spot behind the curtains of the night.
And if you say those big owls do not sing, right you are, but totally wrong at the same time, as to me its like sirenes calling me for a walk into their territory.

Not being totally stupid, I never follow sirenes voices, but sitting silently outside I do enjoy theire low "oehoeing" in the evening.
Hope however to see one in near future, which should be possible as those birds have a span of easily 1.25 meters wide.
But as they are such damned silent flying hunters I have to have a bit of luck.
So wish me luck, just as I share my luck with you.

What a view !
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