February 21, 2009

timeless history

"Rocks, rocks, rocks", who wants some of these rocks ?

"Yes, for me please, I just LOVE them", I just recently discovered.

About twenty minutes by car from our place in Svinisce, there is a place called Gata, and passing that in N/E direction the road will pass a wide open country loaded with rocks.
(which is normal for Dalmatia, as it was created from rocks after God finished all other countries and dropped what he saw as left overs).

After you leave Omis, a nice road lifts you up high over the impressive canyon of the Cetina river, and from there it turns to the right.

Follow that road, its nice, and buy some mortadella, a softdrink and some good bread at the little Studenac store on the left (as its Inga, the wife of a good friend running it).
About five minutes further, STOP the car, take that little road to te right or just put it aside the road.

Here I started a walk into "no mens land" that showed like a rocky puzzle in advance.
What the hack, as all puzzles get into place after a while, so I jumped from one to another.
Stepping, stopping, jumping, it showed to have been (dis-)organised over centuries by people, taking care of tiny patches filled with a couple of grapes, a few cherrytrees, a small grassy spot for one, two or three sheep, maybe even a cow.

"Rocky Dreamland" I called it silently to myselve, as this was the feeling I had going from one spot to another, discovering small signs of cultivation all the time, created over timeless history passed.
A metal ring jammed into a huge rock, a small path between the piled rocks, and there, look there, a minimalistic stone house, smaller than a couple of square feet, the roof cracked, but clearly manmade to hide away during rain or at a tired moment after having lunch with a firm mouthfull of "domaci" (homemade) wine.

Within about ten minutes I totally forgot that I ever left the car, and the further I stepped and jumped, the more I loved it.
Each and every moment I chose myselve a next step or stop, looking further, seeing more in what looked like a never ending dreamscape.
Never was in Autralia (why should I), but for a moment felt like an aboriginee must feel in his most divine surroundings.

God was not making a mistake dropping all these rocks here.
He did it with a purpose and on purpose, and thank God, I got the message.
And if you're not totally blind, deaf and dumb, you've got te message too.

As when you want to feel totally free, step away from the road and start "humpjumping", the new tourist attraction I just invented.
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