August 12, 2010

sit or lay, do it your way

NEW NEW, two resting places in the gardenhouse have been made.
And yes, I made it with pleasure, I did it myselve and I am proud of it all.

It took a bit of thinking, but the result is just what we wanted and needed.
Two beds, for those who visit and don't know the way back after a drink to much.
And in case of falling asleep, both are perfectly shaped to sit ánd sleep.

For someone who used to work with brains and mouth (telling dentists that they could do a better job after listening to me for once), I absolutely enjoy to work with my hands and tools.

Wood, especially what they call here "brodski pod" from Baumax *) in Kastela, is great to make whatever I need or like to make.
*) Bricostore came, Bricostore went, Baumax came, followed by Bauhaus and also Baumax went home.
As like with chickens, there is only space for one good rooster, so Baumax left too.
Leaving Bauhaus as thé rooster for all us chickens.

Anyway, after a few trials (and errors) I might call myselve "maistor", which in croatia (sometimes) tells you you're dealing with a skilled person.
 (And sometimes it means nothing else but: "let me grab your money").

So, do call me maistor if you like, but do keep in mind that I am NOT looking for a job.
And certainly NOT for your money, I just do things because I like to do it all, teaching myself how to put nails into wood the proper way (straight forward, no mistakes).
And once in a while I hit myself hard enough to dance around a bit, singing the famous "jebenti"song.
As singing, under whatever conditions, is what keeps Dalmatians happy Dalmatians.

Whatever.., you can be sure now that when you visit us here in our hidden paradise, you can sit or lay down.
Your only job here is to enjoy life in a beautiful hidden valley, like we do already.
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