June 23, 2011

another little secret to share

Dried figs, just dried figs.

Forget it, as these figs, locally picked and dried are not on the market.
Each neighbour here produces a lot of private food and drinks, all of it grown on their own land, carefully taken care of and as little artificial additives as possible (why kill yourselve ?).

These figs, growing all around here, cultivated or in the wild, are handpicked, dried carefully in the sun, turning them upside down day after day.
When the sun goes down or when rain is expected they stay inside, waiting for another day in the sun.

After some time they are ready for the next step, dipping them three times rapidly in salty Adriatic seawater.
Three times, no more, no less, and back into the sun again.

When perfectly dry (it takes a skilled eye), they are packed in thick paper bags (no plastic, it must be brown paper), with between every portion some leaves of laurel, also growing here like "asphalt in a city".

The result is absolutely fantastic, sweet with a memory of salt in it, riche an delicate, nutricious and an excellent cure for those who have a "bathroom-problem".

Commonly the day here is started with a couple of these, a glass of travarica (homemade booze with herbs), and believe me, there are lesser ways to start your day.

Life's great, when you live in Svinisce, Dalmacija, Hrvastka !
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