January 03, 2012

another part of the world


Not even for a moment I hesitated to share this picture with you, however it's not from our Croatian neighbourhood.
For those who are interested, see: http://croatia-eolivas.blogspot.com/ The story behind it is worth sharing.
The person making this (and many other pictures) is Elisa, a charming lady with young daughter Beli and husband Davor.
Coming from the United States, they lived a while in Croatia, where Davor was born and grew up before moving to the states to study.
And me, always scrolling the internet for interesting connections to Croatia, I got "hooked" to their story, giving an inside view on Croatia through their eyes.

The three returned to America, loaded with impressions of a beautifull country, but urged to live in the USA simply because the chances of finding a decent job still are a lot better overthere than in Croatia.
(Still one of the biggest problems in Croatia/Dalmatia is unemployment, especially under well educated young folks).

I never stopped following their story, many times with great pictures and nice stories, and like this picture, a "must show" because it's simply amazing !!!

Thanks Elisa, for letting us share your many finest moments.
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