January 16, 2012

watch it for..............


................hunters, but first of all, I am not against hunting !
I like to eat my bit of meat, and coming from nature is even better than coming from one of those industrial "farms" where chickens or pigs or even cows are the best clients of the pharmaceutical industry.
Having said so, I want to add nothing in the food sectot today can be trusted, as salad "grows" on islands of plastic foam in a basin filled with computer controled nutricious water.
Especially my fellow countrymen (the Dutch) are vegetable wizzards !

For instance, once there was the tomato, a typical summerthing, red, juicy and tasty.
Growers and stores decided however, they should at least be "fresh" for a week or two.
So man created the dutch tomato, a waterfilled shamefull red ball.
And when clients protested, they created "NEW", "BETTER", "SPECIAL" and many more of that group of marketing misfits.
If you want, send me a mail for further details, but be prepared to receive a negative advice (don't eat things that are of no value to your system).

Back to the picture, showing a traffic sign that saw to many angry (or blind) hunters.
Or perhaps they first tested their skills and guns before stepping into nature, to try to shoot some bunnies (sorry, but in nature they are called rabbits of course).
And as nature here is true nature, wide and rough, there is a fair chance they spend a great morning in nature with not a single shot fired.
Which may frustrate some hunters, making them into "traffic sign killers".

What's the logic in this little story, I must admit, there aint !
I broke six ribs recently in a silly accident, forcing me to stop making plans, doing things or even dream of it.
So what does one do when there's nothing to tell ?

Right, so till in a couple of weeks I hope !
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