July 19, 2012

dalmatia for "rock-eaters"


There are many reasons to love Dalmatia (Dalmacija).
It's coast, sea, beaches, food, people, weather, nature, archaeology, wines, and many many more.

Of course you can come over for a lazy sun baked beach holiday during a long summer, but why lay down dreaming about another cold beer and a pizza after sunset ?
And why enjoy Dalmatia/Dalmacija during those crowded six summer weeks ?

Why not think for a moment (now !) about all those other days of the year and all (and more !) possibilities to experience the REAL feel of this fantastic Croatian region.

If you're loving to climb in pure nature on perfect limestone, this IS one of the very best options to run from nasty, cold, rainy weather and "eat" some rock almost any time of the year.
Any, truly any rock adventure is possible over here, as long you're not looking for ice or high peaks, and most of the year you can go out in stead of doing some training on an artificial climbing wall.
(Not bad for training, but still not the real stuff).

As an old climbing fanatic (yes folks, I'm getting old), I know what it feels like to go deep water soloing over that stunning blue water of the Adriatic with just shoes and swimming pants to keep you from feeling like Adam (or Eve) in paradise.
I dó know what the difference is between bád rock and góód rock (this limestone feels fantastic), and also I know what it's like when your hands get that "arctic feel" while grabbing for that key grip in some less sun blessed country.
Over here in Dalmatia most of year you can climb pristine routes in excellent rock, and during our lóóóng summer season you can go for some dws (picture #1) or canyoning though the Cetina Canyon (picture #2).

All is possible, some hours, a day or even a whole week, just look at the offer of the experienced guys at www.Avantura.biz.
click here and see for your self

Oh, and by the way, this is NÓT a commercial, and NÓ, I'm not in it for the money !!!!!!!!
But looking at those rock eaters when I do my daily shopping tour driving to Omis through the Cetina Canyon, I thought "there múst be some guys who you can turn to in case you need some initial guiding".
Well, the folks of Avantura offer it all, fully licensed, and if you go to their website you'll see what I mean.

I don't mind getting old, my climbing shoes don't fit me anymore, and most of the time I am lazy (so whát).
But you, yóu and YÓU over there all around the world reading this blog, you can just grab your shoes, your swimming pants, toothbrush and some money (not even much) and go for it.

If you need more prove or some help, just mail me (see header of this blog), and I'll gladly explain to you why I don't live in Holland anymore but in gorgeous Dalmacija !

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