July 31, 2012

(just ?) an old bridge

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Don't go looking for this bridge in Omis, as it's not there anymore.
Much from those days is'nt there anymore, still however a lot of old buildings exist.
Center of the old town still is a historic place, worth a short walk (if you can get through the summercrowd).

The history of Omis (called Almissa in old times) goes back many centuries, and however its not Split or Trogir (still my favourite), it still shows nice places, churches, and a couple of interesting ruins.

What makes Omis truly interesting is its UNIQUE LOCATION, with a wide sandy beach, an impressive canyon and the ever lasting beautiful Cetina river flooding through that canyon into the Adriatic Sea.

Many towns along the Adriatic coast would pay a fortune to have this combination,
Omis for some reason still does not seem to see it has GOLD in its hands.
However the town does have its attractive aspects, still a lot (and I do mean a LOT) is missing !!!!

The park for instance is a boaring place, with hardly any flowers, no charming lanterns, no proper footpaths, no atmosphere, it just is what it is, a "park".
The mouth of the Cetina river lacks a pleasant promenade, the border of the river into the canyon is a killing zone for anybody who passes the tunnel trying to have a walk into the canyon, and the traffic through its main street (called Fosal) is a horror (with a couple of white dressed pseudo police assistants who only make things worse).
(Anyone responsable for the traffic "flow" can mail on my address (see header of this blog), 
as there are simple solutions possible until the new bypass tunnel is ready).

If I where to advise the city of Omis, I would organize a congress, inviting each and every investor from Europe to look at the map of Omis, showing all options for developing (ánd making money) in this unique town with no vision at all.

Am I angry, the answer is YES !!!
This town could be one of the hotspots of Dalmatia's coastline, the chicken with the GOLDEN eggs,
but it is'nt, and that realy pisses me of !!!

Come on Omis, history wás, the fútúre is what you should prepare for !!!!
That bridge on the picture has long gone, melted into steel for all cars trying to pass Omis, crossing the replacing bridge in the longest traffic jam Dalmatia has to offer.

How about claiming Omis to have the "longest traffic jam in Dalmatia" ??
Come to experience it for yourself, entrance is free, and you can stay as long as you like !!!!

One of the next blog pages I'll show some other "great" spots Omis has a lot of.

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