September 22, 2012

even the beginning has an end

Slowly summer is leaving, and with summer the bulk of tourism.
Still however, temperature is very nice (up to 26 C.) with clear skies and sunny weather.
Lucky people who choose to spend some time (or live here like we) at the Adriatic, where sea temperature is still inviting for a swim.

Slowly nature is preparing for winter, but that's just preparing, as september and october are fine months overhere.
Today we're gonna help here and there picking grapes, so our friends can turn it into wine and later on into rakija.

Life here is natural, with seasonal moments, like picking grapes, buying pigs and pampering those pigs for a couple of months with the very best food, till it's time to change pigs into sausages and the vĂ©ry best local delicacy, the famous homemade (!!!) Croatian smoked/dried ham.

But that's another story, so you'll have to wait, as the grapes are ready to be picked, so I can fill my stock of wine for the winter season, accompanied by good food and good friends.

So hello autumn in Dalmacija.
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