September 12, 2012

greetings from Holland (pozdravi iz Nizozemska)

Ok, there are a lot more impressions of Holland than this picture shows.
Tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, Amsterdam, Van Goch or Rembrandt, whatever you prefer, but to me (us) two weeeks in Holland are more than enough to make us shout "let me out" .
We just had to leave our hidden treasure for two weeks, to organise a "few" things in Holland, but after ten days till now we count the rest of the days to get back to our Dalmatian paradise.

A friend asked me what I am going to do first when back in Croatia, and my answer was "sit down and enjoy the wide open panorama, looking at Mosor Mountains and feeling the intensity of our silent peacefull little village.

Never before felt so good as in Svinisce, and for sure this will be one of the very few visits we (have to) spend in Holland.

It's hard to explain what the values of our life overthere are, but believe me, you can have those tulips, windmills, wooden shoes and all the art in every Dutch museum, I/we prefer our life in Svinisce, the hidden treasure.

Open skies, clean air, simple social life, growing our own food, pure nature, the Adriatic Sea within ten minutes reach and the Cetina River even quicker.

Ja Volim Hrvatska (I love Croatia) and would'nt change it for a million !
And to all those people looking forward to spending holidays in Dalmatia, you won't be disapointed and might just end living here, once you discover how great it is.

Ps. If you prefer to have a look at the location showed in the picture, go to Holland, drive to Friesland, and head for the coast overlooking what's called "De Wadden".

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