August 26, 2012

another delicate Cetina secret

Away from the main stream (ánd the crowd) at , in or on the Cetina river, lies a private property, in pure and silent nature.
Here a secondary part of the river passes the land where Winnetou is still "alive and kicking", like when part of those famous films was shot here.
We made friends with the owners, and enjoyed their hospitality on a wonderfull afternoon.

The place is basic, but very well organised, and clean as nature is.
Under the large roof they built, and the shady canopy of the trees above us we sat down, walked around, swam in the refreshing river, had dinner, played ballotte and relaxed till our boat took us back to Omis.

We took our private cook with us, including all the food and drinks we needed (or thought we needed), as there was much more than we could eat or drink, and besides, just being there in fact is already more than you can wish to make it a wonderfull day and a fantastic experience.

Exploring the surroundings, taking long swims in pristine water, with trouts swimming under you, or relaxing is these hammocks at the border of the river, what a fantastic country this is.
This part of Dalmatia truly is the véry best, with sea, river, mountains, old towns and modern cities.
A mix of everything is within reach, and when I say everything,
I dó mean EVERYTHING !!!
Adventurous, curious, active or lazy, sweet or salty water, today or history, sea level or high up the mountain, it's all there, all of it within an hour's drive, a walk or a boat trip !

After a great meal, as usual here we played a little match of ballotte (jeux de boules in french), which is thé social sport in Croatia.
If you think it's a game, how wrong can you be, as overhere ballotte is a serious matter, mainly played by men.
Whatever your state of mind (to me it's still a game), it's serious fun, and winning of course the goal.

Should you be interested in an afternoon or day like this (even sleeping in nature is possible), you must contact the people of, as they organize the complete visit, taking you to this property and back by boat, taking care of everything a fantastic peaceful afternoon or day in Dalmatia needs.

And don't you dáre :-) drop your cigaret but on the ground, as this place is pure, clean and unspoiled, something the owners of this private property appreciate and take care of.

Thanks Nicola, Rocco and family, you're the best !

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