August 19, 2012

elder flower, but wait for next year's springtime !!!

A bit on the late side but I enjoyed a glass of elder syrup with cold water, and oooof how nice that is.
So I decided to share this with you, as this is a nice example of the good life in our hidden valley.
To say it more clear, this truly is DOMACI, a home made delight.

Elder seems to be very common, it just grows and grows and can be a pest in an organised garden, but here, with enough space and nature all around, its a different story !!!

However this syrup is prepared in spring and I am writing this little nothing in summer, do remember it next year when winter has gone, and you'll be amazed when you taste it a couple of months later.
(Yes you can store it for months and months, if well prepared).

All you need is 150 grams of fresh elder blossom, two liters of water, one kilo sugar and a lemon.
And sorry for you, but there are hundreds of websites telling you how to do it, with a variety of recipes and a lot more than "just" syrup for a delicious lemonade, so I wont start a cooking blog here.
(Or to say it bluntly: get of your lazy xxx and search the internet :-).

For those of you who get enthusiast about this simple flower, there are a lot more possibilities to enjoy it.
Stir fried for instance, or, when the syrup is ready, add it to a glass of white wine or champagne.

Nature, and we have a lót of it over here in fantastic Dalmacija, is rich to those who are not blind.
(Figs, wild asparagus, wine yard snails, a lot of excellent local wines and dozens of herbs for example).

All you have to do is to come to Dalmacija, as from early spring till late autumn it is like paradise, with still the Adriatic Sea and a lot of sun if you are lazy and desperately need a sun tan.

And !!!!!!............remember, behind the coastal mountain rig, in the ZAGORA (the hinterland) you'll find the real Dalmatian feel, and that is a lót more than pizza, pizza, pizza..............and a pint of cold beer.

(Maybe next time I'll tell you about one of Dalmacija's super cheeses, the Paski Sir, a fantastic sheep cheese coming from the island Pag, that will knock you out of your lazy diner chair).

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