August 14, 2012

mind the gap(s) !

One of my plans was to find this bridge, called Kresevski Most.
It connects one side to the other (like all bridges), crossing the Cetina on a wonderful location.
Deep below you the river flows through a steep canyon, hardly reachable if reachable at all.

And however my croatian conversation is limited (svaki dan malo vise), after three previous trials (and errors) I managed to find it at last.

Today it's in a devastated state, with hardly any wood left, but the steel of it looks pretty strong still, even however nobody seems to care about some conservation with a bit of paint.

This is, sorry to say, one of those examples of how Croatia treats it's properties.
It's there, it lacks wood, it lacks paint, and in the (near) future it even doesn't need the sign next to the road, telling you (ánd me) where it is.

Cause nature always wins, and untreated steel does not last forever, so a mix of rain and oxygen will take care (by oxidation) to ruin what people have built earlier, with a lot of sweat and for sure a large bag of money.

Is this little story about a forgotten bridge identical to Croatian politics, going from nowhere to nowhere ?
Still I love Croatia very much, and for sure I love places like this even more, but with all due respect, it's a bloody shame nobody cares and initiatives die in a bureaucratic paper jungle even before they get a chance to prove they work !!!

So shame on you Croatia, but thanks for this old forgotten bridge.

For those interested, drive from Omis direction Makarska, turn left up the mountain road, towards Zadvarje, Sestanovac, than turn left direction Nova Sela at the traffic lights, continue for about five kilometers and look for the sign Kresevksi Most on the right side of the road.
On the left a small road leads you to a gravel path, and trust me, you won't regret you took your camera with you.

Request to anybody having details, a story or any other information about this bridge's history (why was it built there anyway, do please write me at the mail address in the header of this blog.
Thanks !!!

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