October 19, 2012

samphire, an edible beauty

Don't ask me where it grows, as I got the picture from a good friend.
I dó know however it is not only a magnificent picture, the purple plants in front grow in marshland at the seaside, and when picked still green, the top ends of samphire (zeekraal in Dutch) are delicious to combine with either fish or a good steak.

If you see some, first of all check if there is enough, and if there is, only pick the green top ends which easily snap under some nail pressure.
Collect only what you will eat the very same day, because than they are the best !

Wash them thoroughly, lightly dry them, than cook it for about two minutes in boiling water and cool down immediately after that.

When ready with your favorite dish, shake them quickly through some hot olive oil, nó salt added, as they taste salty already, as they are growing at the seaside.
If you can get hold of some lamb meat from the island Pag, you're more than lucky, as both have a natural salty flavor.

Prepare some simple salad, top it with some chips of that specific Pagski sheep cheese from the very same island Pag and you'll find out life is damned good in Croatia, certainly for retired folks like us.

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