November 08, 2012

any hike in Dalmacia is a great experience

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Any hike over here in Dalmatinska Zagora is great, this one certainly is worth the time.
Together with my good friend Robert ( we went to do the hike he did a couple of weeks before with a couple of good Croatian friends (that's what friends are for).

Driving to Blato na Cetina from Omis takes about half an hour, at the bridge over the Cetina there you turn left, following the left upstream road.
Stop in Trnbusi (ask some local for the path up to Rodice) and get going.

The first part, up the mountain is pretty heavy, the road however is good and the view on every moment you take some rest, is as always.........great.
Once you reach the highest part (in about an hour), the road descends with the hidden village of Rodice in sight.

Enjoy every step, as enjoyable it is, with loads of herbs, flowers, if lucky a snake, sometimes a big green lizzard (zelenbac), and again, fantastic views alover, with the backside of Mosor in view.

The village has almost completely been abandonned, however some locals still go there to enjoy the pure and silent atmosphere and grow some potatoes.
Amazingly much water is in, under and around the village, with ponds full of fish and lots of frogs.

What makes it special is the variety of houses, very old, old and newer, almost all left to crumble.
Have a look at the details you'll see, as there are many, but please (PLEASE !!!) keep in mind that you're a guest visiting private property !!!!

In case you would like to do this hike in good company, send me a mail (address in header of this blog), and I'll connect you to folks that will guide you up, and back.

After your hike, you can cool down at a great swimming place at the Cetina river.
(When driving back, take the small asphalt road left that leads to this location, marked with a sign).

Enjoy Dalmatia, and dó enjoy the Zagora !
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