February 07, 2013

black days

One day all will be perfect.

Most of the time I get inspired by new discoveries, caught in a picture, or many of the little golden moments our life here gives to us.
Happy moments, stunning places, a taste of the young wine, always better than the year before.

Recently however we experienced a range of sad events, losing four good people, all relatives of each other.
Yesterday we brought a close friend and very fine person to his last resting place, much to soon, much to young, leaving everybody in shock.
Why he, why now, why ?

Tomorrow again we go to accompany a good man to his resting place, the fourth in a row of close relatives.
No words can express our sympathy to family, relatives and friends.

Still, even on black days like these, the traditional values of our community show their quality.

Here a funeral takes place the next day, so coming from northern europa where a funeral takes place at least three days after a person passes away, to us this seems like a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially to family and close relatives.
And as usual, many things have to be arranged in extremely short time, under emotional conditions.
Here again, our community steps in, and takes most of that organizing load away from the relatives' shoulders.

Yesterday hundreds of people showed up to support the relatives in their saddest moment, paying respect to the deceased, a fántástic person, husband, father and a great friend for so many.

Traditionally all gather at the foot of the hill on which the church is standing, together waiting for the deceased, to subsequently walk up the hill while our local group of singers sing traditional hymns and the priest is saying prayers.
Can't tell how serene this walk is, so many thoughts, sad, thankful and proud to be part of this community, where joy and sadness are shared.

Neighbors and friends carry all the flowers, that are brought to the grave after the final service in our church has started.
And when the burial takes place again our singers sing a goodbye, our priest says prayers, all of it in a most beautiful silent landscape.

As a visiting tourist you won't be part of moments like this, still I wanted to share it with you.
To make you understand there are many reasons to love Svinišće.

As even black days make life in the Dalmatinska Zagora so very rich.

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