February 17, 2013

Kavana Romana Makarska, a MUST DO !

As expected, the beautiful waterfront of Makarska has many terraces, no doubt all serving an excellent coffee or drink at this fantastic location.
The shiny blue bay of Makarska in front, a row of palm trees ánd...behind you Biokovo Mountains (if lucky, snow covered),
but that ain't all.

If you decide to sit down for whatever drink, DO, please dó go for the place called Kavana Romana, close to where Jadrolinija ships come from and leave for the islands.

Reason to share this little secret are their pastries, each of them mouth watering, like we experienced again yesterday.

We took a seat in the sun, overlooking the waterfront in a mild winter sun, and as I knew why, I told my friends to follow me inside, as thére is where the fun starts !!!!

Soft, fluffy, tasty, creamy, colorful, rich pastries, all of them of a non Croatian (sorry Croatia) quality !
All of us five decided for a different peace (lucky me, as now I could try a bit of all five), and all of us were in heaven.

Five excellent coffees, great service, five delicacies, all together kn. 122 (let's say 15 euro's), combined with thát view, it's unprecedented !!!

We live a good half hour's drive from Makarska, and no doubt it's worth the trip.
So for sure I will find some excuses to return, again and again, as there are still some sorts I simply múst try !
(If only interested in their pastries, they also have a shop in another part of town, I discovered but not yet visited).

Check the internet at http://www.romana-makarska.com, a true delight, worth a visit.

Visited the top of Biokovo again yesterday (July 23), leaving early in the morning as than it's less hot and much less crowded on the very top.
Magnificent as always, specially when returning, at about 1400 meters, going for a hike.
Even discovered an abandoned stone house where an old cherry tree still carried cherries.
Gonna go back there to get some branches to reproduce that cherry as however small fruits, they tasted like heaven (sweet, highly aromatic, unique !).

Returning home through Makarska, couldn't resist to buy me some pieces of Kavana Romana's cake.

OOOOOFFFFF, splendid again, especially their lemon-cheese and the pure chocolate cake.
Thanks again folks, for making such HIGH quality delights !
And to all people visiting Dalmacija, go to Makarska, and get some of that cake !!!!
(Driving from Lidl back to the coastal road to Omis, you'll find their shop on the left side).

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