May 23, 2013

biokovo horses

For those who frequently visit this blog this picture may look familiar, as I published it long ago before.
But I still like it, so perhaps you do to, and as Biokovo Mountains never changes, this is a picture you may see too, when visiting Dalmatia and spending a day in the mountains.
And why should'nt you, as Biokovo is a fantastic mountainpark.

For lazy people, there is a road all the way up to the very summit at Sveti Jure, but to those a bit less lazy I would like to say: DON'T !.

The top is cramped, crowded, and just the top.
Much, really mĂșch more you get, when you stop halfway up, and take one of the very many marked trails, heading deeper into the park (what's a "park", this is rough, pure, wild nature), or heading to the seaside.
Hard to tell you what's a better suggestion, as both offer a lot.

Tip: both the park office and bookstores in Makarska or Split sell a detailled map, made by Smand, making a walk or a hike into a less big step into the unknown.

Into the unknown you go anyway, so be prepared !
And take at least (!!!) half a liter water with you, as however snow piles up to a couple of meters in winter,
summer sun change the slopes into a pretty hot furnace.

Have fun, take care, and should you like more horses, check the internet on "Livno horses".
As there live a couple of hundred in the wild.

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