May 20, 2013

so very true !!!!

Couldn't agree more with this poster.

I found it on the internet, and added the English text to it, so you (and I) understand it.
Should you think my Croatian is perfect, the answer is no.
I manage to communicate on a one to one basis, but as soon as there is a group of people, my brains seem to jam.

Lucky me however, not being shy, I learn a bit every day (svaki dan malo vise), just by practising.
And hopping from one word to another slowly my vocabular increases.

Back to this poster, as I love it !!!!
I printed a couple immediately, as this perfectly explains one of our GOLDEN VALUES.

I also grow my own everything, and I am proud of each result.
However, today I visited some neighboring vegetable gardens, and realised I still have a lot to learn.
Don't know how they do it, but they already have their first tiny tomatoes, while I still struggle to keep mine growing.
Whatever, it's with learning curves always trial and error, being vegetables or language.

The essence of this poster however, I couldn't agree more with !
Become friends with the locals, eat local food.
And as much of it you never get to taste in all them pizza parlors, you simply must (!!!!) go into the Dalmatinska Zagora (the hinterland), as there you will find how Dalmatia tastes.
Perfect, just perfect !

Try for instance Konoba Kunjak near Kucice.
It's about fifteen minutes from Omis, up the mountain road along the Cetina Canyon, and short before Kucice, follow the sign to the left.

Basic, but excellent, and when it's melon season, wait to see what you get from the owner as a desert.
No, he does not charge you for it, as his guests are his friends.
The rest of the meal, splendid lamb from the grill, his very own french fries, tomatoes, salad, and the drinks of course you'll have to pay for.
Who cares, as it's still a very reasonable price too for such quality !

So once again:
Sprijateljite se sa seljakom.
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