June 26, 2013

"relax", said the mouse to the cat

Living here, in our hidden paradise, surrounded by nature, we've got cats around the place.
That's a common fact, as cats take care of pests like snakes and other less wanted animal life.
At least, that's what all neighbors say and do.

Thank god we do not see many snakes, and if we see one, most of the time it's a dead snake, that stayed just a second to long on the warm asphalt when some car was passing.
And if a snake comes to close for comfort, people around say the cats take care of them.
Guess that's true, as we never see snakes on our land or around the house.

Also we hardly ever have problems with mice, however that can not be because our cats are such splendid hunters.
Feeding our cats regularly with a proper breakfast, a decent lunch, some snacks through the day and a quality supper before we (and them) go to sleep, those damned cats seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to hunt, kill and eat mice.

Cats and mice should be enemies, running for or after one and another.
Not in paradise however, it seems.
Not here.
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