June 29, 2013


When you read this, Hrvatska has become the 28th member of Europe.
So Hello Europe, this is Croatia calling, your sunny southern neighbors.

Recently I told someone about those old days, when the very first locomotive was steaming through the countryside.
Noise, dirt and danger they said.

Will the cows still give white milk, will our women still give birth to healthy baby's, won't the beer turn bad.
Life went on as it always did, only travelling became more easy, cows still gave milk, mothers gave birth to noisy little monsters (sorry dear parents), and the beer tasted as good as always.

Will Croatia change Europe or Europe change Croatia.
NOPE !!!
(Or bit by bit).

Europe still in a bit of a crisis, as is Croatia (not to mention the USofA).
Things however will be better (as they can't get any worse).

If only one thing changes for the better, NO MORE WAR on the Balkan, than the result is already tremendous.
Even better it would be, to all them well educated youngsters who seek a decent job, when new initiatives and investors discover Croatia as a superb starting point to penetrate the Balkan.
(So what are you waiting for, all you brilliant CEO's of all those international companies).

Serbia to become the next new member of the EU in due time, hopefully followed by Bosnia, those three former Yugoslavian countries can start to be equal partners in united Europe.
And Europe, lucky Europe, got a magnificent new place to enjoy true summer at the cleanest, clearest seaside.

Unless you have the brains of an ostrich :-), you understand the future looks bright. 

Welcome Europe to Croatia    &    WelcomeCroatia to Europe.

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