September 03, 2013

Sweden comes to Split !

Today, September 3, the Dalmatian newspaper
Slobodna Dalmacija, published Ikea is coming to Split.
I call that GREAT NEWS !!!

Split, with it's fairly good/good/splendid infrastructure (harbor, train, plain, highway) could/should/MUST be a splendid location
to companies like Ikea.

Bauhaus, Baumax, Kaufland, Lidl already discovered the potential of central Dalmacija, including a couple more in City Center One.

Why I am so delighted about the possibility of Ikea coming to Split, has a couple of reasons.
First of all, you might think, is the clever value for money they offer, but it's not !

More important is the amount of decent jobs that are a result of the opening of an Ikea store.
(Using "decent jobs" is well thought of, as wages here are still far to low, compared to European standards).

But even more important is the Ikea effect !
Many entrepreneurs in Holland (where we come from), were scared to death when Ikea came.
Knowing what happened in Holland and everywhere,
be sure the same effect will occur in Croatia.

It's plain simple, Ikea is the ultimate wake up call for lazy,
old fashioned shopkeepers !
Dinosaurs disappeared with only one reason: change of climate !

Still I can't understand why a town like Omis does not have a Lidl.
Come on Studenac, Konzum, Tommy, as if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
Competition may seem your worst nightmare, on the other hand it makes you do (at last !) what your customers want from you:

Each and every colleague in Europe can tell you that quality, service and originality increases your profit, result and sales.

Only sleepy, lazy entrepreneurs die out,
the others benefit from shops like Ikea opening a store.
Yes, I know that is TRUE !!!
As once Ikea opens, close around them a lot of others enjoy the Ikea effect by opening their shops near it.
Even Lesnina might increase it's turnover, provided they wake up in time, as a "me to" does not survive in an open market.

All in all, I am delighted Ikea comes to Split.
Not because I need furniture, but because I know it benefits much, MUCH more than just another store among many others.

Also I hope, Ikea discovers the production potential of Dalmatia, with far to many unemployed youngsters, in and around Split.

Perhaps you think I am a dreamer, but I am NOT !
This country has plenty of possibilities for furniture production plants, creating another bunch of jobs.
And once Ikea opens, next step could be such, with enough wood and willing folks to produce a couple of chairs, tables, cupboards with impossible names here in stead of in China !

So welcome Ikea to Croatia, the sooner the better.

And once Ikea proves competition is a great thing, it might just happen that Lidl at last opens a store in Omis.
Makarska...yes, Split...yes, Trogir...yes, 
but Omis, for some odd reason...NO.
Fear of wet feet or simply because it's just big enough 
for a couple of "pirates", I don't know :-)
Wake up folks, this is Europe, u Hrvatska !

Anyone wanting to comment, 
my email address is in the right top sight of this blog.

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