September 02, 2013

Trogir, less than an hour from Omis

Two Dutch guys were visiting our region AND fell in love with it.
So....., what's so special about that, you might ask.

What's so special is that I got hold of their enthusiastic story,
 ánd their 290 ( !!!) pictures.
Perhaps even many more, but thank heaven,
they shared only...... twohundredninety.

Unfortunately to most, speaking English, German and Croatian, the comments are in Dutch, so lucky are the Dutch for once, as they can read the words between the pictures.

And to all others I say "every picture tells a story" so click on the link below anyway, to see a load of great pictures of our region.
(Robert of took them to many of these places).

Click here and enjoy:

And to those who like great old music, open this link while looking at the pictures: ( Rod in his glory days. )
If my frequent blogging does not make you want to come to Dalmacija, perhaps these pictures will do the trick.

Of two things I am sure, they came the very first time,
but for sure they will return.
As when Dalmacija grabs you by the balls, you're lost (and found :-).

Their original plan was to go to Santiago de Compstella.
As you will see, some change of plan is always good,
especially if that change brings you to Dalmatia.
Thanks guys, for visiting our magnificent country.
And of course:
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