August 24, 2013

RAIN............delicious rain !!!!

Next Monday, you might hear me singing in the rain.
Perhaps you may say I am going totally nuts, but no, I am not !

After at least two months without a single drop of rain, the weather forecast says there will be rain the next couple of days.
Two months of dripping, dropping, pouring, splashing water on each and every plant and vegetable just might stop for a little while.
(Lucky village, having both a source and a regular water system).

Summer in Dalmatia lasts from let's say beginning of May till mid October, while July and August are the hottest.
Up north in Istria and East of Zagreb and beyond, they see more rain, but here, in Dalmatia, rain is hardly falling during summer season.

Anyone planning to visit Dalmatia, I highly recommend to visit
in May/June, the very best season !

If you plan to come áfter summer, right you are again,
as September/October still give you a lot of splendid sunny weather.

And all you others, who prefer truly HOT summers, take July/August, as than you'll "enjoy" the hottest days of the year, but you'll have to accept you have to share it with the biggest crowds.

Being a Dutchman, however living in Dalmatia, (once a Dutchman always a Dutchman), I prefer temperatures to be near let's say 28 degrees Celsius, and some rain once in a while makes me feel happy.
Any higher temperature I do accept, but not with a smile on my face,
and 34 degrees Celsius to me is a bit to much.
(And there were many days like that this summer, oh boy).

So these next days you'll hear me singing my lungs out !
Rain, delicious rain.
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