August 04, 2013

Omis, the HOTTEST place "on earth"

(Picture from DHMZ, the Croatian National Weather Service).

Omis, the HOTTEST place "on earth"

Wanna see celebrities, or spend the night in a steaming disco, perhaps it's better to go to the island of Hvar or a big town like Split.

If however you're a lover of high temperatures, choose Omis.
As Omis has no discos (or does it ?), it's more the ultimate place for lazy sun lovers nowadays.

No disco, no big deal you may say, as (almost) everybody has some sort of private music machine, which enables you to fill your ears with disco music while you turn your body to get an equal suntan.

The large sandy beach is crowded (not to crowded however) with your kind of people,
some dreaming of those fantastic COOL snowy winter days at home :-).
I do anyway, as this is not my type of weather, even though I live here.

Only when I have to, I am outside, giving the various vegetables and flowers their necessary splash of cool clear water.

And you won't find me on the beach either, as in this type of weather I prefer to jump in the Cetina River.
With it's twenty degrees Celsius at most (and even cooler where water flushes out from under the mountains), that's my type of water.
Clear, cool, refreshing and the very best to live through hot summer days like these.

There are many fantastic spots at the Cetina, not only close to Omis.
If driving a car, head for Kucice, and after about ten kilometers you'll discover many locations, you just have to look a bit, as they are well hidden from direct view.

A bit further, at the renovated bridge you'll see on your left, you can either drive a bit further, to where the rafts start for a magnificent ride of about three hours, or turn left crossing the bridge and drive to Kostanje and Podgrade.

There it's less easy to explain how to drive, but ask any local and he will tell you how to reach what's called Studenci.
That to me is one of the finest locations, before the stunning rapids in slow friendly (and pleasant) water, or just behind them rapids, where the energy fills your lungs and brains (with cooler water).

And if you are the dare devil I think you are (as you left the Adriatic beach in Omis), climb a bit over them boulders (CAREFUL please !!!!) and you'll find the mouth of a cave where a curtain of cold spring water gushes down.

Dare to step inside (again CAREFUL please) and amaze yourself with this natural phenomena, with ferns, mosses, stalactites and -mites.
(Look, don't touch, as the next visitor also wants to enjoy what you enjoy in pristine condition).

Don't wear your Ipad there, it just might get ruined.
And HEY, why wear an Ipad on such fantastic places anyway ?

Sit down, listen, breath in, breath out, it's free and priceless.
And THAN dive in !

Should you prefer to run from the heat for a couple of hours, book*) or make a trip to Vranjaca Cave.
You won't regret it, as it's a magnificent huge and COOL cave, where temperature all year round is 15 degrees Celsius.
*) Ask at tourist office Malimlin in Omis, across the main road at the big Studenac super market.

Enjoy your stay !
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