August 15, 2013

Svinisce, some facts and statistics.

A couple of the reasons to live in Svinisce this time,
and some official statistics I found.

First of all, we love it here, but that's a feeling I can't explain.
("Falling in love" is easier explained, as that's a biological process).

If silence is golden, we've got a load of gold here,
so that's reason number one.
Reason number two is having both of best worlds, having both Cetina River and Adriatic Sea.
Number three, see them statistics, it's a tiny community, with only 100 people, many of them good friends,
or at least good neighbors.

And than there is nature, lots of nature, true nature, mountains and a magnificent panorama.
Not being fools on a hill, we also have every usual thing, as electricity, tap water, internet and such.
And of course a couple of good but narrow roads to "let the car" out once or twice a day.

Not enough for you, ok, here's some more:
Omis is only ten minutes down the hill, Split only takes 25 minutes, and any other nice, useful city or village is in close reach.

To finish, we've got lot's of space, tons of it, with small gardens to grow and harvest anything one needs, including wine and olive oil.

Drawbacks, any drawbacks ?
Yes, having young children going to school maybe a bit of a problem, as only a small primary school is near.

Anything else than ?
Yep, in winter (if it snows) there may be a couple (just a couple) of days it's less easy to drive down to Omis, but most of the time our road is ok, and still there is the second (main) road, where the small bus from Kucice to Omis (and back) drives a couple of times a day.
So that road is kept clean and safe all year round.

Nothing else than ?
Yes, you have to fall in love, but we did already.

Some houses are abandoned, most of them truly old stone houses, so if looking for a restoring project, there are a couple of options.

If you decide to fall in love (not a hormonal thing this time), first of all take care of a decent adviser, so you don't get trapped in numerous details you did not even know existed.

Croatian language ain't easy, however many people speak English or German, and things are differently organised here.
(If you prefer to live like you're used to, sit, stay and don't move).

(Take that as a well meant warning, not to frighten you of,
but to keep both your feet on the ground).

Conclusion, another blogpage filled, and some details shared.

So see you some day in Svinisce, "the hidden treasure".

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