August 17, 2013

Winnetou and Old Shatterhand were here

In my younger days (long, long, long ago), the films with Winnetou and Old Shatterhand were famous.

Never would have thought that later (much, much later) I would live so near to a couple of the locations used in those many films.

Most locations were up north, in Paklenica, but a bit of the history lies here, less than ten minutes from Omis.
Older people here remember those days, as some of them played a role in the background of it.
The main players of course were pro's, in the background however there are always locals to fill the scene, speaking English or not.

Still there are a few requisites (a totem for instance) that are nearby, on a secluded patch of nature.
For those who want to see it, book a boat trip to Radmanova Mlinice (R.M.), the large terrace/restaurant area at the Cetina.
Worth the trip anyway, as it takes you through a beautiful peace of Cetina Canyon.

Keep looking to your left and right, and you'll understand why this area was the perfect background for many shots.
Closer to R.M. look to the left more than to the right,
as there it stands, the totem.

The area itself is located at a side stream of the Cetina, a perfect place for a pick nick, lunch, barbecue in true nature.
Two friends here, Rokko and Nikola (speaking English), created a natural location under the canopy of trees.
They receive visitors on their private domain, an having been there a couple of times, I know it's a perfect place to relax, eat, swim in pristine nature.

My good friend Robert of Malimlin (click here) can help you to go there if you are with a group of people.
The place is very clean and friendly organised in a basic way, and anything you want to drink or eat, is arranged by Robert, so for once you do not have to shop or cook.
Just relax, and enjoy a fantastic day in Dalmatia's pure nature.
You'll love it !

Wanna spend a day following the footsteps of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, or even feel like an Indian, than contact Robert,
as he knows how to you get there in a very special way.

He might even bring you to some other locations where scenes from those films were shot, in case you want to get an idea of it all.

When scrolling through our surroundings, I sometimes even think I see an Indian between some rocks, but that may be because this is such a stunning area.

Them Winnetou films were all shot in former Yugoslavia' s Croatian part, in a joint venture with Germany.
And having been to the USA a couple of times, I understand why they chose to film here.
Only them buffaloes are missing (until now ?).

Many details on those films can be found on the internet, 
even complete films.
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