August 16, 2013

squeezing lemons increases turnover by 700 %

Pretty funny, but a proven fact, 
fiscal systems in Croatia boosted turnover :-)
How weird can things be !

Starting the beginning of 2013, the Croatian taxman ordered each and every shopkeeper, cafe, restaurant and any small seasonal business to connect to internet, printing legal bills for each and every thing sold.
Even the ice cream vendor had to get himself a small digital device connected to a tiny printer, and.......
connected to the tax office in Zagreb.

It had nothing to do with becoming a member of the EU, however people shouted out loud that was the reason.
Nope, once again, it had nothing to do with Europe, but all with eliminating the giant black circuit.

With about 25% VAT/BTW/PDV it's understandable people like to keep that money in their pocket (so do I), but let's face it, Croatia's budget is in a bit of a problem (check the IMF for details).

So starting 2013-1-1 everyone had to become decent, and the tax inspectors where everywhere, checking on still illegal activities.
Some difference in the cash register...WHAM, BAM, ticket, penalty, and pretty usual, closure of the premises for at least five days.
No bread, no coffee, no ice cream, go for a walk and think about it.
And they all did think about it, thoroughly !

All of a sudden sales (officially now) increased with 700% 
(and even more !!!), compared to previous years.
Conclusion, evidence based,
the more one's getting squeezed, the more one earns :-)

I know still a couple of countries where the same principle might just get the states budget out of the mud, even in Greece and Cyprus.

Tip to foreign visitors:
if you don't get a bill, better ask for it, as you're prone to meet a tax inspector who asks for it, and if you can't prove your tomatoes weren't black, you've got a problem.

I hate (like everybody) to pay to much, but let's face it,
they've got to keep a system going.
So, fine, I'll pay the official price, still a bargain compared to many other EU countries.

So the old song still is valid: "money makes the world go around".
(Or if you prefer Pink Floyd more, click on this one:
money and turn up the sound)

(Thank God I grow my own tomatoes).

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