August 11, 2013

beautiful dirt

Simply have to share this picture, because I think it's a beauty.

Once in a while, when scrolling around, I see waste dumps, most of them illegal.
A bad habit of people still is to dump at any place, as far it's not their place.
How stupid can you be, as in the end it all returns in our food chain !

Sometimes however, these dumps offer me unique pictures like this one, in my opinion a true beauty.
Long ago, when doing art school (not finished :-), we students had a discussion with a teacher, in which he argued photography wasn't a true art.

However I not did become an artist nor a photographer (lack of talent), I still can't disagree more.

Things of beauty are in the eye of the artist, being a painter or a photographer.
And sometimes, even in my eye.
Not the common tourist attraction, but still .... Dalmacija.

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