August 06, 2013

what to do if life sucks.................

Life sucks.

All of us know life can be hard, not always, but shit happens.
Your boss is pushing you for even better results, your wife is nagging about you coming home late and still running for that computer to do some more work.
And rain keeps pouring down.
Recognize the picture (no, not the above one) ?

Well, to be honest, I do.
Worked very happily for let's say 30 years as a dental representative, for a fantastic Dutch company (NDO Leeflang in Amsterdam), making good money telling dentists to trust me and make a couple of changes for the better.
Some of them as stubborn as a donkey, many of them after learning to trust me, happy with the tips and tricks I gave them.

Than, I told you, shit happens, our excellent company was sold to a German investment vehicle called Demedis with a couple of "clever" guys, a worst case scenario coming true.
Holy shit, they started to kill the chicken with the GOLDEN EGGS, changing whatever they thought beneficial.
Horrible times, till the giant multinational Henry Schein took over.

A bit better, as those Americans know how to run a business, but still not my peace of cake.
To them only results matter, profit, profit, PROFIT, as they are on the stock market.

Again terrible, as I was a true, honest, evidence based quality freak.
My clients were both friend AND client.
THAT's what made us as a company succesfull, with me in it.

One day (I told you s.h.), my frustrations took me to the deepest depression I ever experienced,
and NEVER want to experience again !!!!

At that point I asked my wife if we were total idiots or still the clever, active dare devils.
The answer came in time, so we made a total change.

Through family ties we were connected to Croatia, and what we felt here could not be payed with all the money in the world.

Things don't always come easy, life even sucks once in a while, but if you're not afraid of a change,
than listen to those Nike shoe people: JUST DO IT !!!!!

We did, and we don't regret it for a single moment.
The rest of the story is in a recent interview Jutarnji List .
(You're gonna need some Google translate to understand it a bit).

For those who think "yes yes yes, bla bla bla, dream on", I can tell you we live our dream here !
You don't have to do like we did, moving from Holland to Dalmacija, but if you do, and are not afraid of some bureaucratic obstructions, you'll be as happy as we are.
And an increasing lot of other clever, active dare devils who hopped over to Dalmatia.

Does life still suck ? 
Well, as you may understand reading the other pages of this blog, not to us anymore !

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contact Robert at
He's a Dutchman too, a good friend, and a well informed friendly guy.
(Don't ask me, I work for nobody anymore).
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