July 31, 2013


Today, a photographer for Jutarni List (the main newspaper in Croatia) came to our hidden paradise to make a photoshoot of our most happy life here.
He was followed by an interview by one of the leading lady journalists in Croatia for the same independent paper.

Presses were stopped to be able to incorporate both interview and pictures in the upcoming edition of Jutarni List.
Now,  if that ain't NEWS, what is !

To tell you the truth, there were indeed this photoshoot ánd interview today, as I was contacted by Jutarni List because they were (just as you are) interested in what makes a Dutchman living in Croatia write such positive blogs about the true values of life here.

Mainly because it seems I am the only positive person in whole Croatia, since everybody nags about the heat, the fiscalisation, europe and the temperature of the beer.

Some even think of leaving Croatia for a better life in an other part of Europe, while me and my wife went the other way, saying "bok bok" to Holland to live in our hidden paradise in Dalmacija.

Great (even in winter);
As horrible as everywhere, except in Monaco;
Open markets bring new possibilities ánd cost reduction, trust me;
Wonder why Heineken brews such expensive minimal beer anyway.

What the outcome of the interview in Jutarni List will be, is still a secret to me as well.
But one thing I know for sure, I did what I always do, try to share the fun and spread the news.
As in case you don't know yet, I better say it again:

THIS ÍS F#CKING PARADISE *), compared to most other countries.

So check at your Jutarni List reseller the next couple of days, as good news is still the best news.
*) To us at least, to all them thousands of tourists for sure, and to anyone who understands this simple line:
 "Less is More".
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