July 11, 2013

dive, DIVE, D I V E !!!!

This won't be a submarine story (not even a "Yellow Submarine"), it's a simple way to share with you that the Adriatic is now at it's very best, reason for me to be lazy.

However there are more athletic bodies than mine, lacking a better model my wife said "well ok, you're better than nothing".

At the moment the sea temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius, clear blue refreshing delight under a clear sunny sky where each and every day temperature reaches about 30 degrees.

We had a couple of very good friends over from Holland, normally and regularly visiting France.
(Ha ha, they thought they discovered paradise there).

Well, their story is very simple, they where overwhelmed by all beauty Dalmatia has to offer within an hour's circle from our place (called Svinisce you dummy :-).

Will they go back to France again next year after seeing Dalmatia in all it's glory ?
I doubt it, and that's one of my "dirty" tricks.
!! So you're warned !!

Call me a pusher, a dealer, or more friendly, a voluntary promoter, as that's what I do.
Addicted myself to this God given part of Croatia, I simply love to create new "victims".

Why keep the love for Dalmatia to myself, when it gives such great pleasure to share it with others.
Share the luck, spread the news.
As this is f*cking paradise !

So if you were missing new posts recently, this is the answer.
This is paradise, no obligations, and a load of addictive goodies.
Only angels are missing, or are my eyes getting to old for that sh*t.

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