July 26, 2013

high, higher, highest

View from the top (click to enlarge).

There you are than, looking at this magnificent panorama from the very top of Biokovo at Sv. Jure.
To see it like this, you got up (very) early, drove all the way up through the park, and even managed to drive the impossible single lane section with aggressive rocks on your left and nasty steep slopes on your right.

Your car still looks like a car, you didn't die of a heart attack and you won the battle with drivers hurrying down that same "road" you had to take to get all the way up.
Guess you now understand why there also is a little chapel on the top :-).

True, the view is amazing with all those layers of misty blue (and the scar of the new highway to Dubrovnik).
Don't tell anybody how early you left or how you managed to survive the trip, and certainly don't tell others it was a piece of cake.
Don't !

Do !

Tell your friends you stopped at about 1000 meters high and walked the rest of them 800 meters to the top.
Also tell them there was what looked like a "Tour de France" of athletes on sports bicycles who decided to conquer this mountain in steaming hot conditions, in stead of having a relaxed day at an Adriatic beach.

Forget Biokovo, forget this view, forget it all, 
but never ever forget this is Dalmacija.

If going to Biokovo in mid summer, take at least one liter of water per person with you.
Don't be the next who dies of dehydration or a sun stroke !
! Please DO !