July 28, 2013

Omis, a UNIQUE place, but.............

I'm a positive person, and I love to live here !
So if you might think this item is negative, you're wrong, it's NOT !
Omis is a fantastic place to spend your holidays, with more interesting options than you'll ever get to experience.
A charming little town, a very large kids friendly sandy Adriatic beach, rough mountains, and.........the Cetina river and it's Canyon.

Not only the town is worth a visit or a stay, it's surroundings are pure, impressive, natural and blessed with a variety of wildlife, flowers, herbs, birds and small animals.

To say it in one word, Omis is UNIQUE !

Not only the town is a truly fine place, with much history, old buildings and a couple of antique highlights, in less than an hours drive (by car, motor or bus) you can visit famous places like Split, Trogir and Solin (Salona in Roman days), and without having to drive all day you can easily visit Dubrovnik, Biokovo, Kornati or Plitvice and Krka.

Being a lazy sun lover or a energetic adventure freak, you'll find it all in Omis without having to search for it .
Swim, lay, climb, raft, canoe, bike, hike, walk or sit, don't worry, it's all here, in, and even more, around town.

And with more restaurants, terraces and bars than you'll ever need if hungry or thirsty, you don't have to search much, as every ten steps offer you a next option to either drink or dine.

However....................Omis still has to many dirty spots, and by creating this page I want to draw attention of the responsible people in Omis, so they take care of it.

Piled dirt, forgotten dustbins, holes in roads, illegal dumps, "dead" cars, they just don't belong on a GOLDEN location like Omis is, and certainly you don't come to Omis to "enjoy" these dirty locations.

So do enjoy your stay in Omis, and to those responsible for whatever negative aspect: don't kill the chicken with the GOLDEN eggs, but take care of it and be proud of what you have !!!!

As Omis already is UNIQUE, but it could/should be so much more.

And as usual: my address is in the top right side of this blog, so if you want to react, please be my guest.